in the works

This is a special page dedicated to projects I am currently working on.

(Mostly so you know I'm not slacking off!)



With antisemitism and Islamophobia on the rise, I believe that Jews and Muslims can be each others' most valuable allies. Yet, throughout my involvement in Penn State Hillel, I've noticed a lack of communication between us and the other organization we share a building with:

The Muslim Student Organization. 


So, I am starting an advocacy campaign titled Salaam-Shalom to help connect Jewish and Muslim students on campus.

Hopefully, with the blessing of Hillel and MSA, I want to start a series of kosher/halal dinner socials so Jews and Muslims can get to know each other. 

Check out the policy brief I wrote & designed about this cause!


Documentary Project

I am really invested in the recent passage of a Polish law that bans the use of certain language about the Holocaust.

So this summer, with funding from the Jewish Studies Department and the Schreyer Honors College, I will be traveling to Krakow and beginning a documentary project about Jewish life & culture in Poland.


My 10-day trip will be (not coincidentally) at the same time as Krakow's world-renowned Jewish Culture Festival. I plan to explore the dichotomy of the celebration of Jewish culture in Poland and the potentially antisemitism in politics. And while I intend to explore both politics and culture during my trip, I plan to let the people and places guide my story.

Throughout my journey, I will be blogging a few times a week. I'll be posting a link shortly, where you can follow my adventures!

Tel Akko, Israel

Archeological Dig

Rather than going back to State College after my trip to Krakow this summer, I will instead be flying into Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Aiport and visiting the Field School in Tel Akko. There, I will be assisting Jewish Studies professor Dr. Ann Killebrew and her students by filming their project of recreating ancient smelting techniques.


This is totally out of my comfort zone, as I know 0 things about archaeology. But I am always ready to bring my film expertise where it is wanted. And of course, I look forward to a new adventure!

Check out more about the field school at

Tel Akko on their website here.